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 2015 Annual Conference  - Dublin/Columbus, Ohio!

 “ Come to the Water."
 65th Annual Conference
July 13-16

The Conference Planning Committee has started gathering ideas for the 2015 conference, being held in Dublin, OH.
  Watch for more details as the develop!

Bible Study Leader        
We are pleased and excited to announce that Dr. Shannon Craigo-Snell will be our Bible Study Leader at the 65th Annual Conference being held in Dublin, Ohio July 13-16, 2015.  She will also lead a pastors’ workshop. 

            Dr. Snell joined the Louisville Seminary faculty in 2011 as a constructive theologian who is committed to bringing theology alive in the context of the global church. Her ability to engage students in theological conversations that are simultaneously Christian, biblical, historical, systematic, doctrinal, theatrical, multi-religious, and multi-cultural are well-suited to the Seminary’s mission of preparing men and women for ministry in a multi-religious world.
            Craigo-Snell earned degrees (PhD, MPhil, MA, and MDiv) at Yale University and Yale Divinity School. From 2001 to 2011 she taught in the Religious Studies department at Yale University, where she also earned several Yale fellowships and professional research grants. Her students have included undergraduates with diverse religious backgrounds in the secular context of the University; denominationally diverse Divinity School students; and doctoral students in religious studies. These varied contexts have been part of her formation as a constructive theologian.
            In 2014 Craigo-Snell was ordained to the Office of Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Reverend Doctor Craigo-Snell now finds herself more deeply committed to always working within the context of the church. Being blessed with the opportunity to preside over the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is of particular interest to her.

"My own calling is to be a theologian of, in, and for the church," she states. "I am called to teach and write in service to the church, thus I am excited about teaching in the seminary setting. Louisville Seminary is a place where I can bring the interdisciplinary scholarship and attention to religious diversity that I have honed in the university into the work of preparing Christians for ministry."

            Her writing spans a similar scope of interdisciplinary diversity. In addition to several articles for journals such as The Ecumenist, Quaker Religious Thought, Jump Cut and Modern Theology, she has written The Empty Church: Theater, Theology, and Bodily Hope (Oxford University Press, 2014); Silence, Love, and Death: Saying Yes to God in the Theology of Karl Rahner (Marquette University Press, 2008); and Living Christianity: A Pastoral Theology for Today (Fortress, 2009) with Shawnthea Monroe.
            Craigo-Snell is the coordinator of the Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion, a $100,000 annual prize given jointly by Louisville Seminary and the University of Louisville for creative ideas that best illuminate the relationship between human beings and the divine.
            We look forward to Dr, Snell’s teachings come July and hope all of you will begin making plans to attend the 2015 Annual Conference!

2015 Children's Program Leader

ICCC Children's ministry is growing in spirit and has become a vital part of the fellowship.  The generational gap within the ICCC family is closing!  Shyreece absolutely enjoys helping the children in grades
Kindergarten through sixth grade use sound biblical principles during the life of the conference that they share with the entire congregation through praise and worship.  Watching God at work through the children as they share their humble worship expressions is spiritually edifying for all.  Engaging our attending ICCC conference children in thematic lesson activities with concrete/tangible projects helps them take abstract spiritual truths and apply them to their own little lives.  This nurtures their life in Christ Jesus as well as helps them and their families stay connected to all of the spiritual happenings in the ICCC conference.  It is critical that ALL people enjoy each other through fellowship and learning experiences while at the "Come to the Water" ICCC 65th Annual conference.

            The INCLUSIVE PULPIT Wants YOU!

           The “Inclusive Pulpit” is an annual publication of the ICCC. Included are sermons, prayers, worship materials, poetry and brief historical sketches of local churches and/or their relationship to the Council.
            Sermons submitted to the “Inclusive Journal” are entered into a juried competition for the annual Dr. Charles A. Trentham Homiletics Award. Each year the winner receives a commemorative plaque and a $250 stipend. Any clergyperson associated with the Council may submit a sermon.
            Worship materials may include newly composed liturgies for special occasions as well as arrangements of hymns and newly written hymns. Seasonal prayers, prayers associated with specific scripture lessons and prayers for special occasions are welcome. Because of space limitations, historical sketches must be no longer than 900 words.
            The preferred format for materials submitted by email is “.doc” or “.docx” (Microsoft Word.) If submitting materials in another format, please indicate which format in your email. Typewritten materials will be accepted by postal mail; handwritten materials cannot be accepted. All materials are subject to editing.


 Send your materials to iccc60423@sbcglobal.net; or to 21116 Washington Parkway, Frankfort, IL 60423.



  An Opportunity For You!
You can invest in the cause of furthering Christian Unity.  Click here for details.





Eagle’s Wings Ministries,

affiliate of the World Spiritual Health Organization (WSHO)Presents:

Clinical Pastoral Education Distance Program  

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is the interfaith and interdisciplinary professional training for chaplaincy, integrating both theology and psychology.  In CPE, chaplains, theological students, lay­persons, ordained clergy, medical staff, mental health professionals and members of religious communities learn clinical pastoral skills and relationship “tools” to effectively minister to people. Through practical clinical experience, written case studies, individual supervision, relevant reading and seminar participation, students are encouraged to develop competent and caring pastoral relationships and skills.

Benefits from taking Clinical Pastoral Education:

·      Eligibility for National Board Certification as a professional Chaplain and/or Pastoral Psychotherapist/Spiritual Counselor

·      Higher level of effective ministry competence and credentials

·      Upgrade earning potential and professional marketability as a spiritual care provider

·      Heighten respect among peers and employers

·      Receive individualized clinical supervision and mentoring

·      Learn and participate in an intense, dynamic and diverse peer group

·      Enliven spirituality through interfaith Chaplaincy Service to patients and staff

·      Broaden ministry experience and “tools” by learning and ministering in a complex medical environment

·      Flexible schedule to obtain requisite clinical hours, i.e. patient visitation hours

·      Post CPE local peer group consultation, fellowship and networking among local chaplain.


CPE Program Basic Information

·      Program Duration: 1 year (four-12 week quarters: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

·      CPE Class Size: limited to 6-10 participants per group, per quarter

·      Enrollment Availability: Based on vacancy

Clinical Hours Commitment: 400 clinical hours per quarter of which the majority of hours per week are flexibly devoted to patient visitation. Upon approval, participants may also mix and match clinical hours from other ministry sources outside the hospital setting, i.e., hospice, military, parish, law enforcement, etc., in order to meet clinical hours requirement per quarter.

National/International Accreditation provided through the World Spiritual Health Organization (WSHO) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Reasons to take CPE:

1.       Intense educational and therapeutic journey of spiritual and emotional, personal and professional refinement and skill-building

2.       Learn and serve in a diverse interfaith setting

3.       Provide and/or receive respectful feedback


WSHO Vision Statement


Where it is alive, sustain it

Where it is dormant, revive it

Where it is absent, invite it


Eagle’s Wings Ministries & WSHO want to invite any ICCC members and friends to this new opportunity to continue in your training and education for the care of those you have stewardship.  If you would like to join the Distance CPE Program, please email Chaplain Ron Ringo at usmcchappy@gmail.com  or call at (619) 855-5446.


The Community Church Movement is based on a vision of Christian unity and reconciliation.  We invite all to share in this vision and to work with us in the light of God's love.  You are challenged to invest yourself in the Vision 2020 initiative.
Click here for details.

National Joint Powers Alliance

            National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) is a public agency that serves as a member-focused cooperative for over 50,000 member agencies nationally.  NJPA offers a multitude of cooperatively contracted products, equipment and service opportunities to education and government entities throughout the country.  NJPA offers their members contract purchasing solutions that are leveraged nationally to enable contracted suppliers and member agencies to w



 ork smarter and more efficient as they do business with each other. NJPA does this by establishing a business and service alliance between member buyers and contracted suppliers ensuring a valued and successful national cooperative contract program.
            The ICCC Board of Trustees decided at the July board meeting to join the NJPA so that all the ICCC active member churches can take advantage of this program.  To learn more, visit their website www.njpacoop.org.  Contact the Council Office for account information.


From: The ICCC Board of Trustees

To: ICCC Members, Investors, Supporters and Friends

Re: The Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, USA


The Board of Trustees has approved the following statement for release to you and to the public:



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